A research group based at the University of Helsinki exploring the social, technical, experiential and imaginary dimensions of datafication.


We understand people as critical and creative agents, who shape and are shaped by algorithmic processes. Focusing on people means taking seriously the work, habits, imaginations and emotions entangled in datafied life.


Technologies of datafication consist of servers and code, but equally importantly, also social and cultural configurations. With a keen eye on both digital futures and historical continuities, we examine what is new and particular about algorithmic technologies and their societal roles


Datafied life is bound up with society’s institutions and political-economic processes. We study how technologies distribute power and influence, remake markets, activate public values, and motivate quests for more just and democratic alternatives.

How is datafication shaping public sector decision-making?

Events / News / Publications

REPAIR Scholarly Talk by Tamar Sharon 26.8.
Welcome to REPAIR Scholarly Talk! Professor Tamar Sharon (Radboud University) will give a  talk entitled The moral limits of digitalization: Protecting the autonomy, integrity…