Everyday AI

(Foundation for Economic Education 2020–2022)

The project is a collaboration with the strategic consultancy firm Alice Labs and adopts a cross-cultural perspective studying everyday AI in and outside of Europe. We seek to challenge the prevalent narratives and discussions of AI, often focusing on the hopes or dystopias of technologized futures. The project approaches artificial intelligence systems, including voice assistants and recommender systems, as part of a wider ensemble of digital applications, infrastructures, platforms, algorithms, and data, constantly evolving through various human-machine associations.

By studying the practices, infrastructures, and imaginaries of everyday AI in different contexts, the project aims to uncover benefits and limits of current algorithmic logics. With this approach, the project seeks to challenge prevalent AI discussions and ethics by grounding them on the existing systems and their emotional, social, and political everyday life effects. Instead of focusing on technological, future-oriented solutions, the project proposes suggestions of how AI applications could be better positioned to support individual and societal aims.

Project leader:
Minna Ruckenstein