REPAIR Scholarly Talk: Ayo Wahlberg: Surveillance Life – Predisposed in welfare state Denmark

Photo of professor Ayo Wahlberg.

We warmly invite you to the REPAIR Scholarly Talk given by professor Ayo Wahlberg (University of Copenhagen) on Thursday 22.2. at 15 at the Main Building of the University of Helsinki (Fabianinkatu 33), room Karolina Eskelin (U3032). Commentators will be professor Ilpo Helén (University of Eastern Finland) and postdoctoral researcher Tiia Sudenkaarne (University of Helsinki).

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About the presentation: 

“The ever-expanding segmentation of populations into differentiated ‘at risk’ groups with attendant routinization of augmented vigilance trajectories is leading to what might be termed “surveillance life” for increasing numbers of people. This augmented vigilance is aimed at detecting (signs of) a disease that likely/potentially will strike. In this presentation, I will explore how a preventive healthcare complex has stabilized around interrelated forms of transmission prevention, lifestyle prevention, pharmaceutical prevention and genetic prevention. Using Lynch syndrome as a case involving the latter, we will ask what living surveillance lives entails for families with a known inherited elevated risk of colorectal cancer and show how surveillance takes form through complex webs pastoral, familial and self care.”

Valuable breakages: repair and renewal of algorithmic systems (REPAIR) is a research project funded by the Strategic Research Council.

Warmly welcome!